Wu Woos

With a collection full of chic mini-skirts, feminine blouses, flirty dresses, adorable totes, and patterned scarves, Jason Wu is sure  to woo Target shoppers with the popular American retailers newest designer collaboration. Despite his fame for dressing Michelle Obama in luxurious, gorgeous gowns, every item in his Target collection is surprisingly affordable. Unlike Target’s past collaborations with designers such as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier, every item in Wu’s collection is under 60$! Mark your calendars ladies, this collection goes on sale February 5th, so forget the Super Bowl and go shop these limited edition steals instead!




Double Take

Upon first glance, pillow lipped Andrej Pejic is merely another gorgeous model of the moment. A six foot two, twenty year old, blond, blue-eyed Serbian-Croatian sounds like the ideal, almost impossible supermodel aesthetic. Pejic was scouted just before his seventeenth birthday while living in Australia where he and his family moved to in the year 2000. Confused by my use of male pronouns when you thought the description of this beautiful model was evidently a woman? Reason strikes for a double take the moment Pejic’s effeminate beauty becomes quickly overlooked when he speaks in a deep voiced, Australian accent.

Despite Andrej Pejic’s strikingly feminine good looks and Marilyn Monroe worthy beauty mark, this new modeling sensation is challenging the fashion world with his androgyny. With the startlingly androgynous features of sky-high cheek bones, thick eyebrows, and an intensely defined jaw line, it is evident how Pejic is so competent in modeling clothing for both men and women. In fact, he walked in both the men’s and women’s Jean-Paul Gaultier shows during Paris spring 2011 fashion week.

The controversy and concerns about sexuality confusion were only publicly expressed when Pejic was featured on the cover of the New York based magazine Dossier Journal with his shirt off and his long blond locks done up in curlers à la fifties housewife. Barnes & Noble covered the magazine in an opaque sleeve in their store to ensure people would not mistake the risque image for a topless woman. With Andrej Pejic’s ideal model body and facial features, this gender-bender should not be censored but simply celebrated for being so ironically, “imperfectly” perfect for the fashion world.

Yes he’s a man and yes the pictures below may seem weird but the moment you are able to overcome the unimportant aspect of his gender is when you will be able to see the real beauty of Andrej Pejic and embrace the beauty and freedom that the fashion industry has not only granted him but granted something  for the future relationship of fashion, androgyny and acceptance. Talk about a revolution in unisex clothing.

The controversial cover of Dossier Journal

On the cover of OUT magazine's 100 most compelling people issue

On the cover of Fashion Magazine Canada

Jean-Paul Gaultier spring-summer 2012

Mens runway

Modelling mens

Jean-Paul Gaultier mens

Jean-Paul Gaultier